Colin Dorning MBE Close-up Magician
Colin Dorning MBE Close-up Magician  

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Wedding are a very special day for Bride's Groom's Familes and Friends, with the touch of Magic, entertaining you and your guests makes the day and evening more magical.

Childrens Magic

In addition, your website visitors can more easily scan your content and find what they are looking for.

Blink & its gone

They say the speed of the hand is quicker than the eye, so blink and it could be all over.

Birthday Parties

Parties are great fun, everyone is in the best of spirits and looking forward to having a great time, The  touch of magic that is totally unexpected and go's down so really.

Magic times

Magic has been around for years and the secrets have been passed on for many years. 

Corporate Events

Corporate events is all about being in tune with the client and pulling in the crowds, Drawing attention to the clients product with the Magical edge.  At Corportate parties magic plays a critical part in joining the teams together.

Fun & unbelievabe 

Magic is great fun, it will always pull the party together. Allowing the magic to flow and involve the whole party to experience the incredible magic in their hands. 

Smile, its Magic

Magic is loved all over the world, there is nothing better that being totally involved in the fun of magic.

Welcome to my its Magic

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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